5 Best Elk Bugle Tube Reviewed

Best Elk Bugle Tube Review

The most exciting and adventurous hunting trip is when you go Elk hunting in the woods. And with the right set of tools, including the best elk bugle tube, it is not just a hunting trip but also a happy trip to return with success.

With a little hard work, strategy, and persistence it is easy to call the elk and hunt it with accuracy. All this can be acquired by gaining more knowledge and practice over time.

Any serious hunter can tell you the importance of high-quality elk bugles. It shortens the time of the hunt tremendously for a mature bull elk.

Because the goal of any hunter is not to chase after the elk but call them using the best elk bugle tube and bring them near your place for a good shot. So calling at the right time with proper technique is very important here.

Today we will see about the best elk bugle tubes which can be easily bought from Amazon and help you get going for your next elk hunting trip.

The Top 5 Elk Bugle Tubes On Amazon

Now we took out our time to find the top 5 elk bugle tubes on Amazon so that it will be easy to select and buy the best elk bugle tube for your next elk hunting journey.

1. Rocky Mountain Hunting – Bully Bull Extreme Elk Call

What we like about this item: A bigger length of 21.5″ and 3.5″ diameter opening. Consistent airflow with optimal backpressure.

Editor ratings: 5 stars


  • 21.5″ long
  • 3.5″ diameter
  • Green
  • Tapered venturi design

A wide and long elk bugle tube for making the best elk calls. Creates that thunderous sound which can grab the attention of elks.

This will be the best elk bugle tube in my view as the sound created by it is very close to a real elk call. Got me close to a bull in the forest which was assumed to be far away around 500 yards.

The opening is wide in this bugle tube. But also it has rolled mouth end which is easy for the lips.

If you are good with mouth calls this will be a perfect companion for it. It will help you make the real sounds that will attract the elk to come near to you.


  • Easy to carry.
  • Good looks.
  • Bigger opening.
  • Rolled mouth end is easy for lips.
  • Durable


  • No built-in reeds.
  • A little heavier

2. Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls 146 Ultimate Bugling System

What we like about this item: It has that V.E.T.T. calling system that makes good realistic elk calls. Has an inner hole that creates a high base sound.

Editor ratings: 4.5 stars


  • Camo cover and lanyard are included.
  • Package size: 20 x 4 x 4 inches with 11.99 Ounces
  • SureFire bugle adapter
  • Black Magic Diapghragm elk call is included.
  • Max-1 camouflage

This bugle tube comes with a well-designed mouthpiece called the V.E.T.T system. It has an enlargement ring included as an option with a 1.5″ opening.

It creates whole new realistic sounds that should be made by any best elk bugle tube. When combined with the black magic diaphragm elk call, it becomes a perfect choice.

You can award this product as the best rocky mountain elk bugle tube as it also has a SureFire bugle adapter. Comes as a whole set to make those perfect elk sounds.

Rocky mountain bugle tube is popular because it can produce deeper, base-sounding chuckles, growls, and grunts. Creates accuracy and realism of elk calling.


  • Easy for packing
  • No plastic vibration sounds
  • Easy to make note changes in the sound.
  • Durable


  • A little heavier.

3. Berry Elk Hunting Call Bugling + 2 Reeds

What we like about this item: An easy-to-use elk bugle tube with replaceable reeds. A good choice for elk-calling beginners to experts.

Editor ratings: 4 stars


  • 2 extra RT-reeds
  • Camo cover
  • Cord lanyard
  • Cap to protect RT-reeds

Berry elk hunting call and bugle tubes are one of the best elk bugle tubes for mountains. It also works well in the open field. Its ease of use makes it a popular choice.

This bugle tube is Amazon’s choice as well when last checked in September 2021. Often compared with Primo’s bugle tubes, this one is the most preferred one.

It creates sounds that are very realistic. If used right, it can create sounds similar to male elk calls.

Berry elk bugle tube can make a sound that can reach a far distance up to 1 mile. This feature is very helpful when you are camping near the forest and creates your presence among the elks.

Also one of the easiest bugles to use. Recommended to elk calling beginners. Comes with a variety of reeds to produce a different kind of sounds.


  • Good for mountains as well as open fields.
  • Chuckle sounds are also possible.
  • Easier to use.
  • Perfect choice for beginners.
  • Replaceable RT-reeds


  • Not so good looking

4. Phelps Game Calls un-Rival-ed Bugle Tube

What we like about this item: If you like smaller elk bugle tubes, then this is a very good choice.

Editor ratings: 5 stars


  • 17.5″ long with 4.5 oz weight
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Range green, fusion, and cipher cover

A small elk bugle tube to make realistic sounds and get some elk attention. Creates amplified sounds than its size.

A very good bugle producer for beginners in elk calling. A compact design that looks good when in use.

A popular brand and choice among bull and elk hunters as it creates a realistic sound that of an elk. Also possible to create different kinds of sounds with this best elk bugle tube for beginners.

A lot of people who are into bugling have voted it sound a very close one to a real elk sound. Plus it is easy to pack and carry anywhere.


  • Weighs only 4.5 oz
  • Good for running ridges
  • Amplified sounds for long distances.


  • Smaller than what looks in the picture online
  • No reeds

5. Carlton’s Calls Rowdy Bull Bugle Elk Call

What we like about this item: Easy to draw the attention of the big bulls and elks. Learning to bugle is fast with this elk bugle tube.

Editor ratings: 4 ratings


  • Small and compact design
  • 6.4 ounces weight
  • Built-in reed

We kept this tube at the end of our best elk bugle tube list because of its declining popularity in recent years. Its old version was among the top elk bugle tubes last year.

The best part I like about it is that the built-in reed can be removed easily and it will still sound pretty good. Possible to make real elk calls.

Big and dominating elks respond well to the bugle call of this tube. A lot of them respond back when they hear the sound produced from this elk bugle tube.

One of the drawbacks of it is its low sound that sounds like a baby bull. High grunting sound is not possible with this elk bugle tube.


  • Perfect bugles possible
  • Removable built-in reed.
  • Lightweight


  • A little smaller than it looks.
  • No deep grunt and growl sound possible.

Best Elk Bugle Tube Buying Guide

How to select the best elk bugle tube for yourself? How do you know if this will work for you or not? What features to look into it?

All these questions are common and we wrote down below the important things to look for when buying an elk bugle tube.

Right Size

Does size matter? Yes, it does when it comes to finding the best elk bugle tube for yourself. Because different sizes make a difference in the sounds they produce.

A deep tone is produced when the bugle is of a large diameter. Alternatively, a hollow sound is created when the bugle tube is longer.

A short-sized elk bugle is more close to human sounds whereas a long-sized elk bugle is deep and creates sound close to that of elks.

The best elk bugle tube is one that helps you make sounds close to elks. Tubes with big diameters tend to make deeper sounds. As the size of the diameter shortens, the less guttural sound it produces.

The correct mouthpiece is also an important point to look at when you selecting the best elk bugle tube for yourself. Some people prefer a wider mouthpiece and some shorter based on the comfortability of blowing the air.

To know which kind of mouthpiece will suit you, select which kind of drinking bottle you are comfortable with drinking water. If you like a shorter mouthpiece, then bugle tubes of the same kind will be comfortable for you and vice versa.

Distance of Elk Calling

Elk calling is the sound made in the forest which sounds the same as the elk. This helps in bringing the elk closer to you. And then the hunting process becomes much easier with better accuracy.

Elk bugle tubes are the best when it comes to calling the elks. This is because of the range of the sound it can generate.

If you think that the distance is far and above 40 yards, a big bugle tube is helpful. But if you know the forest well and are a regular hunter then a small size elk bugle is good enough.

Far distanced elks slowly move towards your sound, so it is always suggested to be patient after you make elk sounds.

Types Of Sounds

The best elk bugle tube is the one with which you can perform different types of sounds. This will enable you to understand your hunt as you keep practicing.

Elks bugle to locate each other and communicate other information. Bull elk bugle to show dominance.

Responsive elks respond to any bugle sound and try to come near to the sound. So if your bugle can help you make different kinds of sounds then you can catch a mature elk near to you.

Mature bulls also make sounds to mark their territory. With those sounds, the other foreign elks move out of the area. So you need to be careful with your elk bugle tube to make the appropriate sound.

Air Pressure

Calling elks to you with bugle is the most popular and suggested way in hunting elks. It is the same sound elks use to communicate with each other.

But these sounds are different in each situation. Some sounds are also communicated to inform the danger between elks.

Making correct sounds is as important as setting the right target on the elk. It makes the elk come to you rather than you go searching for them.

Making the right sounds is only possible with the application of correct air pressure. The best elk bugle tube can help you do this with ease.

I suggest you practice different sounds by applying different air pressures when you order any elk tube on Amazon. The best part of ordering on Amazon is that it has a return policy. So if you find any fault in the application of air pressure on your ordered tube, you can go for exchange or return the elk bugle tube.

Once you know the right amount of air pressure to be applied, it is all about working on cadence. Mastering the right cadence skill is extremely helpful in elk calls.

Quality Of The Elk Bugle Tube

There are many sellers and brands showcasing attractive pictures on the box. But when you open it, the quality is poor and breaks in one drop.

Many bugle manufacturers say that it is of high quality but when you use it, its strings might break. This shows that the manufacturer did not put close attention to the quality of the elk bugle tube.

It is all about the details. If a manufacturer cannot make a good string for a bugle tube, then the chances of the tube being the best elk bugle tube are very less.

Do not think about the price of the elk bugle tube, a good reliable bugle tube is the best investment you can make for elk hunting. Elk bugle calls are important for an elk hunting strategy.

And a best elk bugle tube plays a very important role in this. It carries a lot of weight in the whole hunting strategy by bringing your target closer to you.

FAQ Related To Best Elk Bugle Tube

What is the easiest elk bugle to use?

Elk bugle tubes help to amplify the sound to reach greater distances. Authentic sounds have to be created by these bugle tubes to bring your target closer to you.

The best kind of elk bugle tubes is those that help you ease your hunt. And if you are comfortable with them, then it becomes easy to use too.

Carrying elk bugle tubes is also important for your comfort. Heavy and long bugle tubes are a little difficult to carry and sometimes break in the hunting journey.

Every individual has their own choice of easy elk bugles. Some people just use a mouth reed and a tube for their comfort. Others like using a big elk bugle because it helps create authentic sounds.

All elk bugles are easy to use. Read our buying guide above and chose the best elk bugle tube based on the factors which are most important for you and seem easy to use.

What time of day are elk most active?

Elks are the largest deer species found in North America and parts of Europe. They live in various kinds of habitats.

Like the majority of animals, Elks are more active during the morning and evenings near sunset. They move a lot in these times so making elk calls is easy to bring them near to you.

The best time for hunting elks is early mornings and dusk. Bull elks tend to move in groups in these times. Similar to pheasants. Check out the post about the best choke for pheasant hunting to learn how similar elk and pheasant hunting is.

Also to be noted is the importance of weather on the day of the hunt. Sometimes the weather in the mornings is windy. It is not suggested to hunt for elks in these times as the elks have a good sense of smell and they can smell you in these wind tides.

If the wind is on your face, it is safe to hunt either in the mornings or at dusk in the season. Then the elks cannot smell you but you can smell them if they are closer to you.

How far away can elk smell you?

Elks have been gifted with the best noses by the nature. When the wind is in their direction, they can smell for more than 1000 yards.

On average, in normal conditions, elk can smell from 200 – 600 yards.

If the wind is strong towards the elks, their sense of smell gets stronger. But if it is towards you, then you will have a good day at hunting because elks won’t be able to smell you good.

Also if your natural smell tends to be stronger, then these elks can smell you from 300 – 400 yards. Trying to control your body temperature to sweat less is best for hunting elks.

These elks do not depend only on the smell but also on sound and sight. They are very conscious animals that always keep their attention on moving things.

And if the moving things also have a smell then these elks can sense the danger and run farther away. So controlling smell with your moving sounds is very important in your elk hunting journey.

With the best elk bugle tube, you can create a friendly sound for the elk but if you do not use a scent eliminating spray or control your sweat, elks can sense danger. Once they sense the danger, you might have to change the sound too.

Why are elk so hard to hunt?

Yes, elk is hard to hunt than deers. Though both belong to the same family, elks are harder to hunt.

Elks have been gifted with some of the best senses by nature. They can smell from half a mile distance away, see up to 30 yards, and hear movements from far distances.

Plus they can run faster than deers. Because of their bigger size and muscles compared to deers.

Elks are hard to hunt because of their jumping abilities. Most of the elks like rocky mountains habitat, this makes them jump over long distances in times of danger. They are used to jumping fast and longer in mountain regions.

This is why using the best elk bugle tube is recommended to bring these hard-hunting animals closer to you. With the perfect sound and strategy, hunting elks becomes easier by practice.

Final Words

The best elk bugle tube is the one that is comfortable to carry and gives you confidence. If you are enjoying using any elk tube, this is the best for you.

I carry big bugle tubes because it helps me make a different range of sounds. And it makes me feel more connected with the forest and its long trees.

But this is just me. Not everyone has the same choices. Choose the best elk bugle tube based on the quality, comfortability, and skills that can be performed with it.

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